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Bye CEDA, and Thanks for All the Fish

Today was my last day at CEDA! I can't believe it's been a full twelve months already. It feels like just a couple of months ago that I was arriving here, fresh from university and ready to start.

It's also now less than 25 days until I leave for CERN. Everything seems to be happening really quickly!

Today is quite a nice coincidence, too - one of RAL Space's new satellite instruments is ready to be shipped off to Cannes today - like me, it's leaving RAL and won't be back for some time. It's apparently called SLSTR, or the Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer. Because I don't have much else to say, I'll put a picture of the SLSTR here to make this blog post at least mildly interesting.

Ciao for now.

SLSTR instrument and vacuum chamber