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End of Second Year

So, I've just come to the end of my second year at Aberystwyth. It's been an enormous challenge, but enjoyable most of the time and I've made some great friends on the way. As my friends and I are mostly heading to our respective industrial placements, we won't get the same opportunities to see each other as we've had this year - it's a shame that we're about to go our separate ways for now, but we'll be back in Aberystwyth in September 2015.

I personally feel that I've accomplished a lot this year, and developed my professional skills greatly. I've been involved in a number of successful projects (individually and in groups), including a number of complex projects that I'm intensely proud of. My GitHub account (and personal Git server) are now well stocked with projects (both university assignments and things I've done for fun).

Going forward, I'll be moving into my placement at RAL Space fairly shortly (starting mid-June) - which I'm really excited for. RAL is an intoxicating and exciting place to work, because it's widely regarded as a place of scientific excellence, and I'm excited and proud to become a part of that. Over the next few weeks, I'll try to keep this blog as fresh as possible - I may try to take on some fun side-projects, too.

Cheers, Aber. It's been a blast (so far).