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Zombie Game Project

Now that I have a little extra time to write about it, I'm eager to introduce one of my favourite University assignments from this year; my HTML5 game.

At the beginning of this project, I was really pretty unfamiliar with JavaScript and the way it worked - I'd always regarded it as a fairly poor language (it has a reasonable number of flaws), and not paid that much attention to it. This assignment, while not completely changing my opinion of the language... made me think twice about it - JavaScript is uniquely expressive and remarkably powerful - particularly for something that can be run inside the vast majority of web browsers.

I'm also pretty happy with how it looks; as well as writing all of the JavaScript code and designing the structure, I draw the graphics and recorded all of the sounds myself. I had complete control over the outcome of the project, and I think it's turned out well! A simple game, perhaps - but satisfying to play and pleasant to look at.

If you're interested, check it out on GitHub!

The source code is available on GitHub, too.

A screenshot from the game:

Zombie Game